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Are you tired of banging nails into your walls just to hang a picture? How about destroying your walls with noisy drill holes? Say goodbye to those things for good! Our Stealth Designed Traceless Wall Hooks allow you to hang the decor of your choosing WITHOUT damage to your walls.


  • INCONSPICUOUS DESIGN: The unique, stealthy design of these hooks makes them invisible! Hang up a picture of piece of art on the wall without the hook ever being detected, How cool is that?
  • HEAVY-DUTY AND TOUGH: Even though the hooks are small, don't underestimate their power. Each hook is designed to hold a heavy load of up to 13.2 pounds! You'll never have decor slipping off the wall. Our hooks are made to last, reusable, and money-savers. Each hook is washable. Washing helps to recover stickiness.
  • NO NAILING/DRILLING, VERY EASY TO USE: You'll never need a hammer and nails or a drill to hang decor again! Our hooks use adhesive material that is strong and durable. Plus, it won't leave marks on your walls. Simply stick the hooks to the wall and squeeze out all air bubbles. Super simple application!
  • 100% WATERPROOF: Want to use our hooks in the shower? No problem! They are completely waterproof and won't slip off. The hooks are also mold, weather, and oil resistant.


  • Material: PVC, backside super adhesive traceless solid glue, ABS.
  • Pack of 10 pieces
  • Size: 60mm(L) * 60mm(W)